We explore for, produce, process and market energy products which are essential to improving the daily lives of average NigeriansWe explore for, produce, process and market energy products which are essential to improving the daily lives of average Nigerians

⦁ Our Exploration Strategy –  

Exploration is a multi-dimensional operation involving precision in the use of geological, technological and time tested professional narratives for clear data acquisition and unambiguous interpretation, this is indeed a very expensive and time consuming process, and remains why a number of indigenous exploration and production companies struggled with discovering new reserves in their assets. We have as an exploration strategy to keep our processes and projects simple: build a small team to find high-quality exploration opportunities, leverage on our knowledge, past analysis, available expertise and add value through better organization, to arrive on a choice of exploration objectives, for increased efficiency in all exploration missions. 

⦁ Production Strategy –   

Production depends both on reserves and adopted exploitation scheme, both parameters must be considered while setting medium term and long-term production targets. Since reserves translates to available rate of hydrocarbon recovery, the strategic approach is to maintain the replacement coefficient of depleted reserves to at least equal to 1 or greater than 1, while keeping production costs low and adding value to produced resources for easy market adoption, for; Production depends not only on the state of reserves but also on available market. 

⦁ Natural gas processing –  

Africa is set to emerge as a major player in natural gas markets as a producer, consumer and exporter with gas output poised to more than double in the next two decades. Wellsmart Energy through strategic partnerships is poised to invest in end to end efficiencies for development of Natural gas assets and bring gas to surface for processed Y grade and household clean energy products, we have started this initiative with our initial investment in the purchase of a 50MMscfd gas Refrigeration plant for deployment in a partner asset.   

⦁ Product trading –

To inform our capital allocation decisions, we actively monitor, manage and leverage our industry-leading commodity market expertise. Through this continuous process, we can mitigate market and commodity price risk, allowing Wellsmart Energy to expand margins. An active hedging program provides us with the ability and confidence to manage the balance sheet through periods of price uncertainty.