With our Technical Partner operating the largest manufacturing base of skid-mounted equipment for oil-gas fields in the whole of China and the leader in the manufacturing of CNG compressors, skid-mounted gas process equipment, processing compressors and LNG equipment in China, with international ISO standardization and the largest in scale, variety and maximum yearly production output. We are serviced by four production bases with a total floor area of 330,000 square meters in China. The first base is located in High-Tech Zone of Chengdu Jinniu District, which undertakes the manufacturing of LNG/CNG pressure vessels. The second base is located in Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, which undertakes the manufacturing of compressors and the integrates completed same with LNG/L-CNG process systems from Jinniu. The third base is located in Shigao Economic Development Zone in Chengdu Tianfu New Area, which undertakes the completion and assembly of skid-mounted equipment. The fourth base is located in Economic Development Park of Deyang High-Tech Zone in Sichuan Province, and specializes in founding, forging and heat treatment for various compressor components. In Nigeria we have one coupling and Assembly yard in Igwurita Port-Harcourt Rivers state where components sent from the assembly facility in Chengdu are received for preparation, quality check, assembling and transport to the Clients site of installation.

Wellsmart Energy provides the following fabrication products:

Pressure vessels: We can build pressure vessels based on customer process requirements, our units can be built out of carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, monel, and other alloys. Our Partners holds several approvals including for Russia and China.

Heat exchangers: We use the latest software to design shell and tube exchangers. The exchangers are used in various applications, such as natural gas dehydration, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) extraction, LPG fractionation, and gas sweetening. All engineering, design, and calculations of pressure vessels and heat exchangers are in the accordance with ASME Code, Section VIII, Div. I, Div. 2, and TEMA.

Piping: We have a dedicated pipe spool fabrication shop in Chendgu for pipe welding processes.

Structural: We have the process equipment to manufacture all our skids in Country in other to meet with Local content requirements.

Sandblasting and painting: We also carry out sand blasting, metal treatment and painting in country.

Insulation: All insulation material must meet with strict adherence to standards, we work in-house with our partners to manufacture the required insulation for each module and connection.

Electrical: We install wiring to skid edge junction boxes and we do custom work for electrical paneling.