Who we are

Wellsmart Energy is an Exploration and Production company firmly rooted in the Nigerian upstream energy sector for the last thirteen years, our team first earned their strips as part of Mart Resources, the E&P company that developed one of Nigeria’s most successful marginal fields and finally as part of Wellsmart drilling an indigenous drilling and field development company operating its own Rig fleet in Nigeria. We seek to create value through the acquisition, exploration, development and optimization of producing assets in Nigeria. Our business model targets annual organic production growth, along with providing reliable and increasing dividends to our investors and partners. Wellsmart Energy is targeting growth in production primarily through the exploitation of light oil and liquids-rich natural gas conventional resource plays in the Niger Delta and Continental shelf of Nigeria. Our aim is to forge joint interest Partnerships and hold operating interest in strategic assets, utilizing our experience in the upstream service sector to achieve set production goals through the exploration and development of high impact oil and natural gas opportunities.

⦁ Vision and Mission –
To thrive on clear leadership, close teamwork and financial discipline with an overarching focus on health, safety and environment while taking a balanced approach to achieving our set goals in our day-to-day operations.

⦁ Our Values –
Our values represent who we are, and who we aspire to be. We value safety above all else, we are stronger together, we live operational discipline as our foundation, we grow through curiosity and lifelong learning, and we act with integrity in everything we do.

⦁ Our strategy –
We are disciplined and focused on rapid deployment of successful ideas and practices across our multi-basin portfolio—driving efficiencies, innovation, scale and sustainability. Supported by a strong balance sheet, Wellsmart Energy’s strategy is to deliver profitable growth.

⦁ Our Management –

⦁ Chief Executive Officer ⦁

Chief Financial Officer

⦁ Chief Operating Officer

⦁ Chief Safety operations and integrity Officer

⦁ Exploratory and Drilling Director

⦁ Resource Development and Production Director

⦁ Strategy Planning and Product Marketing Director

⦁ Corporate affairs and Administrative Director

⦁ Finance and Acquisition Director


⦁ Company Organogram –

⦁ Our Partners –

⦁ ION Engineering Canada https://www.ionengineering.ca/

⦁ Jag Logistics Canada

⦁ Xneo Gas Exploration and Production

⦁ www.xneogas.com

⦁ Wellsmart Drilling Nigeria Limited

⦁ www.wellsmartdrilling.com


Wellsmart Energy is an environmentally responsible company. Sustainability is a vital part of a successful business, and we have a number of environmental policies in place to reduce our impact.

For instance, we implement flare reduction to zero level for all our plants. Instead of contributing to the worldwide anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, we safely produce and put the gas into Domestic and economical Use. The plants we build produce gas of different volumes and types and these gas contents are monitored to be environmental friendly.

Wellsmart Energy is committed to help make gas our birthright and very affordable by reducing gas flaring around Nigeria and west Africa through our capture and utilize program of all available flared gas locations in the country and abroad. We constantly strive to introduce new tested technologies, through synergies with leading Original Equipment manufacturers and partnerships.

Health & Safety Policy

We believe that all injuries, accidents, occupational health illness and adverse environmental impacts can be prevented. We are committed to managing its health, safety and environmental issues in a manner that meets the expectations of all stakeholders, including our employees, communities and shareholders. To meet these standards and expectations, Wellsmart Energy will:

Regard Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance equally with other business objectives to safeguard the wellbeing of employees, contractors, the community in which it operates, and maintain a high business performance, Do its best to ensure the safety and integrity of its facilities & operations, Train employees to refrain from actions that are considered a threat to HSE values, Comply with all standards applicable with NFPA 58 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code), Strive to prevent pollution in general, but maintain special attention to the following: Control of leakage, fire and exposure, Control and minimize SO2 emissions, Effectively manage hazardous waste by proper segregation and disposal, Minimize water consumption and promote water conservation, Develop HSE objectives, target and measurable performance indicators, Ensure that all major projects & plant modifications are carried out in line with HSE requirements and applicable regulations, Respond promptly to control any incident, unsafe condition or act, and implement measures to prevent recurrence, Hold appropriately Wellsmart line Management Staff accountable for the HSE performance while encouraging its employees and contractors to participate in the HSE performance improvement process.


Being nomadic through the nature of our operations, we set up intervention programs for local communities where we operate, treating indigenes as stakeholders with dignity, respect and with appreciation for their unique cultures.

Research & Development

To remain at the forefront of this very aggressive industry sector, we invest significantly in research and development. Our overarching goal is to improve existing products and procedures, and expand operations.
To promote innovation, Wellsmart Energy funds research and development each year in the following areas:

  • Biomass: collecting wood waste, which becomes usable material as a renewable energy source
  • Clean soil process: waste remediation equipment applications that include contaminated soils and sediment remediation, oily sludge and emulsion treatment, oily produced sand and tank bottoms clean-up, frac sand washing and recycling, industrial waste treatment, and petrochemical components
  • Heavy oil processing optimization: develop new technology to reduce capital and operating expenditures of processing gas.
  • Enhanced liquids recovery technology: specialized cryogenic processing used in a unique cooling system to enhance production and efficiency with areas for improvement in capital and operating expenditures. The aim of maximizing value of natural gas production and reducing the impact on the environment
  • LNG Technology: compact modular Liquefied Natural Gas Processing facilities for stranded well-sites