Maintenance – free Gas engine special for oilfield associated gas

Provide the ideal driving power for pumping unit. ? Gas engine for oilfield associated gas, Patent No.: ZL200820302046.9, Connecting rod transmission mechanism of the gas engine, Patent No.: ZL200820303314.9, Cooling system of the gas engine for oilfield associated gas, Patent No.: ZL200820302044.X



Product information:

JX1E216F/P-A type Gas engine specially for oilfield associated gas, adopting three owned patent technology, using oil and gas wellhead associated gas or other combustible gases as engine fuel directly.

It is a efficient and energy-saving equipment that does not need to consume transmission power, diesel oil, gasoline and other energy.

It can be use together with oilfield equipment such as pumping unit, generators and accelerator during the oil production engineering, the gas engine provides power for them.

The unit has advantages of saving energy, protecting the environment, reducing the cost, stable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

Especially suitable for wilderness operation, its using is not limited by the power supply and can achieve clong-term stability unattended operation without maintenance.

Gas engine parameters table
Model JX1E216F/P-A
Type Single cylinder, horizontal, air cooling, double stroke and electronically controlled premixed combustion
Cylinder diameter(mm) X stroke(mm) 215.9 X 254
Capacity(L) 9.3
Gas inlet method Inlet gas naturally
Inlet pressure (kpa) 1.74-2.5
Rated rotate speed(rpm) 525
Rated power(kw) 26.5(26HP)
Fuel type Natural gas (wellhead gas),its calorific value should more than 31.4MJ/m3
Crankshaft rotating direction Counterclockwise (seeing from shaft end)
Fuel consumption rate under rated working condition(Nm3/kw-h) 0.31
Lubricating oil model and brand Feima  Pegasus390 or Pegasus100/30
Starting method Electromotor or air motor (optional)
Overall dimension 2000mm X 1500mm X 1550mm