Hydrogen Compressor

Stroke320mm;Speed333rpm||Shaft power1000kW;Max Piston Power 120kN


No. of stage(s)  2

No. of cylinder(s) 4

Horizontal opposed type (4-throw)


Compressor for the two-stage compression, four cylinders, four horizontal symmetrical layout; oil-free structure; crankshaft four turn into a 90 ° evenly arranged, each group of two rows of turns turn each 180 °, so that the rotation of the run Inertial force, the first-order inertial force is basically self-balancing. Piston force distribution evenly, vibration is small, smooth operation, reliable, long life of wearing parts.

CNG Compressor

Stroke: 280mm || Speed: 300rpm || Piston rod diameter: φ100mm || Rated piston force: 320kN.

Features: Compressor for the two-column symmetrical structure, as the power peak with the gas turbine before the gas booster compressor, the gas transmission capacity, smooth and reliable operation. Export to Belarus Minsk Power Shifting Project.

6M50 coke-oven gas compressor

Piston force 50 tons 333rpm || motor 3200kw || 4 compression a secondary air cylinder diameter 1020mm

Company for the Xinjiang Jinhui Zhaofeng Energy Co., Ltd. coal gas project design and manufacture of 6M50 coke oven gas compressor.

6M22 Hydrogen Compressor

Piston power 22 Ton, speed 375rpm||Moror23q00kw||4 stage compression, 1st & 2nd stage cylinder’s diameter 990mm

The company for the Sichuan Maoxian Xin New Energy Co., Ltd. the use of calcium carbide tail gas production of methanol, two mystery project design and manufacture of 6M22 hydrogen press.Used for calcium carbide, sodium octoate 80,000 tons / year methanol project