ZW type high efficiency and energy saving oil free lubricating CNG compressor

It’s the first oil free-lube CNG compressor in China and the first choice of CNG filling station in Southeast Asian countries such as Pakistan and Burma.

The core line of cylinder is vertical to ground. Cylinder wall does not bear the gravity of piston assembly. Cross head sliding path does not bear the gravity of cross head assembly. Lubricant oil film will not gather at one side because of gravity and will be equally distributed to oil. The friction of cylinder and piston and packing is small and equal


M Type/D Type high speed CNG compressor

The compressor adopts two or four column symmetric structure, whose speed is up to 1500 RPM. It is especially? suitable? to be used in the? Region? of large ?pressure fluctuation. It is simple structure, compact layout, large capacity, convenient maintenance, and high power whole skid to be possible. The unit is operation smooth, little vibration, long service life, adopts excellent material, advanced process, which is the M type and D type compressor’s upgrades product and has larger applicable scope. M type high speed energy-saving compressor is especially suitable for medium pressure inlet large capacity condition or frequency conversion conditions. Type D high-speed energy-saving compressor is especially suitable for the high pressure inlet large capacity condition or frequency conversion conditions



■ The compressor frame and middle part of the body adopt high strength, high rigidity and excellent resistance to vibration alloy cast iron material. The middle part adopts lengthened design with dedicated oil scraping structure, which improves performance of oil scraping, reduces the oil consumption, reduces the oil content in the gas, reduces the use of unoil auxiliary engine, such as the separator, etc.

■The crosshead body adopts high strength nodular cast iron materials, and its supporting surface adopts good abrasion resistance Babbitt.

■Motor is directly driven by diaphragm coupling with simple installation, strong adaptability, convenient maintenance and high reliability.

■Pre-passivating treatment boron cast iron cylinder liner, doing pre-passivating treatment for liner mirror side, greatly improving the service life of piston ring, wear resistance has greatly improved compared with traditional materials

■Friction sealing side of piston rod adopts ceramic matrix composite spraying technology, which enhances the hardness and wear resistance.

■Packing sealers adopt new material PEEK, which enhances matching rate of the seals and the piston rod, reduces friction coefficient and friction between the piston rod and seal.

■Air valve is specialized high speed air valve with stable and high performance.

■Main oil pump is gear pump with stable operation and simple design.

■Lubricating oil system is equipped with oil free flow switch, temperature controller and automatic oil compensating device, which guarantees safety and stability of lubricating oil system.

M type CNG compressor units

The first domestic, optimal balance performance, efficient large capacity mother station compressor unit. The exclusive five stages compression type efficient large capacity standard station compressor unit in China, whose minimum inlet pressure is 0.03MPa.



Product feature

■Four-rows horizontal symmetry balance compressor, which running very balanced and small vibration.
■Compressor one row has only one cylinder. It is very to convenient to repair piston ring, packing seals and does not need to disassemble the cylinder.
■Adopt energy-saving without balancing section piston compressor technology and high pressure packing seal technology and the average energy saving more than 10%
■The compressor unit is whole skid, which is convenience to transport and simple to install.
■ Noise enclosure is configurable for compressor to satisfy the outdoor all-weather running. It is safety, green and convenience to maintain.
■ Lubrication system configures lubricating oil heating system and lubricating system, which can automatic control oil temperature control, to ensure the lubrication of crosshead slide, etc.
■Piston ring and packing seal components adopt imported teflon oil-free lubrication materials, which is good wear resistance and won’t happen the malignant accident such as “cylinder score”
■Crosshead bearing surface deposit Babbitt metal, good abrasion resistance, low maintenance cost.
■ Cylinder’s liner is pre-passivating, so the friction coefficient is small. Cylinder and piston ring, bearing ring is good running-in, long service life.

Frequency conversion CNG compressor

Jinxing updates the compressor based on the frequency conversion character. It not only has the outstanding performance on speed governing, but also saves energy prominently. This is the best speed governing way at present. Now frequency conversion technology has been successfully used in many Jinxing’s mother station, daughter station and standard station compressors



Frequency conversion compressor calculate with advances PLC logic, working out the running speed of compressor. Then control the motor speed by frequency converter. Thus, making full use of the motor power to achieve saving energy and reducing consumption.

The whole process completely run automatically, without any manual operation.

When frequency conversion technology is used in standard station compressor, it not only adapts to network gas pressure fluctuation, increasing compressor capacity to meet the peak demand of gas, but also reduces speed and emissions automatically when less gas filling needed, avoided the frequent shut down of compressor, and reduced the impact to power grid, reduced the motor bearing wear and reduced equipment maintenance, to achieve energy saving and efficiency increasing